How to Build Muscle – A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle Mass


The question on everyone’s mind these days is how to build muscle and lose fat naturally. You see, all great bodies are built from the same basic ingredients and this is especially true when it comes to muscle building. If you want to know how to build muscle and lose fat naturally, you need to understand these 2 concepts. Muscle building requires sufficient calories in your diet and sufficient calories to replenish yourself after a workout. Losing weight involves burning more calories than you take in and this is achieved by reducing your caloric intake while increasing the protein consumption.

Protein synthesis is how many people get it wrong. Protein synthesis simply means how the body creates new muscle, or it will be used to repair previous muscle tissue. The reason many people believe building muscle and shedding fat at the same time involves high-intensity strength training is because high-intensity strength training requires you to exert a lot of force against resistance. High-intensity strength training requires large amounts of oxygen to fuel it and when done for long periods of time, it releases lactic acid into the bloodstream, which carries oxygen and carbon dioxide through the blood plasma to the muscles.


To avoid this, concentrate your efforts on low-volume but high-intensity compound exercises. A compound exercise is one that uses more of your bodyweight (i.e. more weight) to perform a single movement. Examples of compound exercises include deadlifts, squatting, bench pressing, chin ups, pull ups, shoulder presses, and squatches. For every compound exercise, you should use a different rep range (i.e. between one and five reps).


In addition to using a different rep range, there are other ways how to build muscle and shed fat that don’t involve heavy lifting. Squats and deadlifts are two of my favorite exercises to build overall strength and to develop the physiques of my clients. These movements stress the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and abs, which are all key components to developing functional strength. Squats require no equipment and are ideal for people who are looking to lose weight and gain muscle. Likewise, deadlifts are great for men and women who want to build large muscles, as well as increasing bone density and spinal strength.


Cardio is also extremely important to muscle building and to losing weight. If you are doing strength training, you need to eat more calories. However, if you are doing cardio workouts, you need to eat less calories. Cardio increases your metabolism and burns calories so eating fewer calories is extremely important.


Both isolation and compound exercises will strengthen the muscles in your arms, chest, back, shoulders, and abdominals. The benefits of one over the other are actually quite equal when it comes to burning fat. For example, if you perform bench presses, your biceps will be stronger than if you perform them with isolation exercises. This means that if you want to maximize how to build muscle and lose fat, you should perform both compound and isolation exercises at least three times a week. The same goes for cardio, you want to do this workout with high intensity cardio workouts at least thrice a week.


When you perform weightlifting, you will always run into a situation where you are in a deficit. When in a deficit, your body will use up more calories than it can burn. For most people who are trying to add muscle and get stronger, they should always perform a long rest between sets. Long rest periods allow your body to replenish the glycogen that was lost during your last set of exercise. For most people who are trying to build a lot of muscle and are in a deficit, this is the best way to go.


If you are in a time frame where you are trying to gain muscles and are already a hardgainer, then you have to increase your caloric intake to make up for the lack of protein. To help someone who is already a hardgainer, increasing their caloric intake will help prevent muscle loss. Muscle builders should also consider a quality multi-vitamin and supplement to help improve their immune system. Proper training, nutrition, and a quality diet will help you gain muscles like never before.

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