How To Build Muscle – Circuit Training

When we talk about how to build muscle mass, there are some basic principles that almost every body builder should understand and practice. However, since every man is different according to body type and the manner in which the human body responds to exercise, the exact method on how to build muscle mass should be chosen by you according to your unique physique. Hence, the simplest way to decide how much protein you should take in a day so that you can add up to ten pounds of muscle in a month or lesser, you have to make the calculation based on your lean body mass. Hence, to get the exact figure you have to multiply your body mass by sixteen to come up with the percentage of protein that you should take.


Cardio exercises should form the major part of your muscle building program. The best routine includes three to five repetitions of cardio workouts like aerobics, elliptical machines, and other cardio workout machines. The strength training should take the place of cardio in your routine. You can perform exercises like squats, bench presses, push-ups, and pull-ups. These compound movements are known to stimulate the development of the bigger muscles in your body.


Carbohydrates or simple sugars are known to give you energy. You need the right amount of calories to keep your body going throughout the day. There are good fats that are found in fish, eggs, nuts, and various vegetarian foods. The good fats are necessary for the proper functioning of the entire system while preventing fat storage and resulting in the accumulation of additional calories. Hence, you must consume them on a regular basis to maintain a fit and attractive body.


Aerobic exercises can help you to increase the metabolic rate and boost up your overall stamina. This helps you to do more reps and sets with each workout, which consequently results in more muscle gain. In case you are wondering how to build muscle, it is better to select cardio exercise as a major component of your work out regimen. It will also help to burn fat. The work-out session can be completed with little or no rest time between sessions.


You will need to follow a strict diet plan in order to develop muscles and get rid of fat. The work-out session should be followed by several days of rest days. The body usually requires between six and eight hours of rest days every week, depending on your normal sleeping pattern.


Another popular way of building muscle and burning fat involves circuit training. Circuit training includes a variety of exercises such as weightlifting, rowing, running, cycling, swimming, and climbing. However, free weights are a much better choice for building muscle mass than circuit training. They provide a full body workout, as they work out both the muscles and the joints simultaneously.


The best way of developing bulk is to do strength training with compound movements. Compound movements include the bench press, deadlift, squat, and military press. In addition, it is important to perform cardio workouts, such as swimming, aerobics, rowing, cycling, and running.


A proper combination of free weights, circuit training, and cardio workouts will certainly help you to achieve the goals of your workout. If you have not done any kind of workout program before, it is advisable to first do a few workout sessions under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer. This will help you to perfect your form, and improve your technique. You can then proceed to build your muscle and lose fat. You can either choose to use machines for your workout, or perform full body workouts. You can even design your own personal program to target particular parts of your body.

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