How to Build Muscle Fast – 3 Proven Moves to Get You Ripped in No Time!

It’s important to know how to build muscle fast if you are trying to get bigger and stronger quickly. If you start out with a workout program that consists mostly of fairly easy exercises, you may be tempted to take this easy route, and you’ll be disappointed with results. Building muscle takes more than simply working out and becoming stronger. You need to know how to build muscle fast in order to make progress with your bodybuilding or strength training program.

The Most Important Thing: tempo When you’re looking at how to build muscle, you have to make sure to pay special attention to how you do your reps and sets. Make sure to always start out on the heavier side, and finish out lighter. This doesn’t mean you have to do sets to failure; however, you have to give yourself enough time to rest between workouts so that you’re not fatigued or injured. Also, keep in mind that every muscle group requires a different rep range. For instance, if you’re using free weights, you shouldn’t be going all out on the heavy side until the second week of your workout when you’re using resistance equipment like dumbbells or barbells.


Frequency is Everything: In order to really learn how to build muscle fast, you have to understand that muscle growth takes place primarily during a period of high intensity, or frequency. For the best results, you want to get your work done no less than three times a week, spread out into two-week cycles. This means Monday should be your heavy workout day, Wednesday should be a workout day, and Friday should be a non-workout day. You should alternate back-to-back lifting, which increases your muscle-building threshold and helps you to achieve goals more quickly.


Exercising to fatigue is Bad: Too often we try to do too many reps or too many sets of repetitions and ignore the fact that we aren’t actually stimulating our muscle fibres as much as we could be. We also push ourselves way past our natural limits, and end up with injuries or low results. To build muscle fast, you need to keep your reps and sets below what you would normally do, but increase the weight for each set.


Tempo: The last thing you’ll need to know about how to build muscle fast is the tempo of your workout. There are many different tempos you can use when training, but I prefer to work with the 2021 tempo which has slowly been gaining in popularity. According to the 2021 tempo, you should be performing ten reps with eight seconds of rest between them for eight sets. That’s low intensity, and it really helps you to build big muscle.


Use this tempo when you’re first starting out, and gradually move it up to high-intensity as your strength and fitness level increases. For example, if you start off with eighty reps, you could do four sets with twelve reps, per set. As your body gets stronger, you can increase the number of reps; and after two weeks of using the two-week muscle-building schedule, you would be up to sixteen reps per set. This is a great way to build muscle fast!


The final two moves you need to know how to build muscle fast are the next four moves. The first is what is known as a full movement squat. This is the standard squat where you jump straight up onto the barbell and bring it down. You then use the momentum to get back up, and repeat. You’ll find that this move is extremely effective if you’re trying to build strength.


The second move is a close grip bench press, which is basically the dumbbell bicep curl. You take the dumbbells in each hand, and curl your wrists forward toward your eyes, resting on them just at the base of your shoulders. This is done in a slow controlled motion. Do the exercise sets reps tempo rest, then do another set of ten. With regular workouts like these, you will begin to see results within a month’s time!

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