How to Build Muscle Fast

If you want to know how to build muscle, you may be thinking of taking the next step and joining a gym. Or maybe you’ve been working out at home but want the added boost of a professional instructor. There is no need to give up your time or money when it comes to learning how to build muscle. Building muscle will not happen overnight, but by using the right nutrition and workout routine, you can begin to see real results within a few short months. Find out more about how long does it take to build muscles with the tips below.

You need to know the difference between type one and type two muscles. Type one are the fast-moving muscles that are responsible for our kicks and jumps. This type of muscle fiber is what you’ll use to build your arms and legs. These fibers are also shorter than the slow-moving type two muscle fibers, which are more stable and larger in size. You need to have both types of muscles for a well-balanced, athletic body.


How much protein is needed? In addition to building muscles, your muscles need energy to grow and repair themselves after exercise. Protein helps fuel your muscles so you can continue to work out and build new muscle tissue. Your new exercise routine should include a sufficient amount of high quality protein sources to help you meet your goals.


Cardiovascular exercises are great ways to burn calories. Find an aerobic exercise you enjoy and concentrate on these specific parts of the routine. Bike rides, swimming, running, ellipticals, dancing, and biking are all excellent cardiovascular exercises. Make sure you keep up your enthusiasm and don’t slack off. A healthy heart rate is essential for building muscles.


Resistance training is another important component of your regimen. It increases the weights or weight you lift and forces your muscles to adapt. Lower repetitions with higher weights and lower repetitions with lower weights are best. Try to be consistent with your workouts. Intensity should be high and repetitions should be low. Be sure to take short rest breaks between workouts.


Speed and power are often overlooked in body building workouts and a missing ingredient is strength training. The key to gaining muscle fibers is to train hard, but not so hard that you damage the muscles you are trying to gain. Plyometrics, which are short bursts of extremely intense contractions of the muscles, is a great way to gain muscle fiber fast. Use this intense contraction for maximum growth with minimum damage to the muscles you are working. Some other good exercises to help you gain muscle fiber fast are squats, deadlifts, bench presses, chin ups, and stretches.


In order to properly support your body’s weight while you are lifting weights, proper body posture and water retention are necessary. Always place your back against the weight bar when lifting weights. Remember to keep your neck and head up and do not allow your shoulders to drop. When lifting weights, try to keep your hands below your shoulders and between your elbows. Also, don’t slouch when lifting weights as this places an unnecessary stress on your neck and shoulders.


Your muscles need rest just like your organs. Resting between workouts is essential to the success of your strength training program. The more times you rest between workouts the more your muscles will benefit from this type of exercise. When choosing the number of reps to do, always take time to check how sore you are the next day. Too many reps can cause injury and using lighter weight with fewer reps will allow your muscles time to heal before working even harder.

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