How To Eat Healthy At The College cafeteria

How To Eat Healthy At The College cafeteria

College students are always looking for easy ways on how to eat healthy in college. Whether they realize it or not, the food they consume throughout their college years can greatly affect the quality of life they will have after graduating from college. College students should learn to incorporate healthy eating into their daily routine so that they can enjoy a long and healthy life. Here are a few tips, recipes and advices for eating healthy in college.


*Note The information in this article has been modified and updated 12/2021. There are still many suggestions and recipes to make eating healthy in college a fun and easy experience. Some of the changes include eliminating vending machine snacks from the dorm room and replacing them with fresh fruit. Fresh fruit like non-dietary yogurt is healthier than soda pop because it contains live cultures which are good for your body. Dried fruit snacks also provide a similar option and are just as tasty. Here are some new ideas for how to eat healthy in college dorms:


*Dietary Considerations: When preparing meals, it is important to make healthy choices. It is easy to avoid eating healthy because the cafeteria is filled with junk foods. Many college students don’t have the time or are unable to prepare nutritious meals on a regular basis. If you do not want to skip meals, try to choose foods that are high in protein and fiber such as low-fat meats, chicken, fish, beans and vegetables. Also, consider buying food in bulk to save money. This is especially important during the summer months when meals may be less frequent.


*Dining Hall Snacks: It is important to choose the right snacks for college students because their diet in the dorm may be limited. If there are no cafeteria programs at your school, consider purchasing a subscription to the college’s dining hall program. The monthly menu changes frequently and often includes popular items from the snack section such as popcorn and macaroni and cheese. If the dining hall does not offer a snack plan, consider bringing your own snacks to class.


*Fresh Vegetables: Although it may seem tempting to buy canned vegetables at the supermarket, these items may contain preservatives and other additives. You can prepare meals quickly and easily by making vegetables fresh and adding flavor to them yourself. Cook vegetables in olive oil or butter over medium heat until tender and add salt and pepper to taste. When cooking a larger group of vegetables, add more olive oil or butter to increase moisture.


*Applesauce: For a quick and healthy snack, you can combine applesauce with a little bit of honey and skim milk. This makes a delicious and healthy breakfast that everyone loves. Another easy way to stay healthy during the day is to eat wholesome foods at lunchtime and dinner. Many students choose to buy fruit rather than vegetables when buying lunch. Although fruit is lower in nutrition than vegetables, it is still a great choice because fruits are delicious and very nutritious.


*Bars: Although you probably cannot get away from having soda, you can still incorporate healthier alternatives into your diet without cheating. One way to eat healthy at the college cafeteria is to purchase low-sugar or fat-free frozen bars. These products are pre-made bars with no added sugar or artificial sweetener and they are available in several varieties. They usually have a reduced-calorie option and come in a variety of flavors, including fruit, chocolate, or vanilla. Just like regular ice cream bars, frozen bars taste best after the packaging has been opened (or even right after being opened, if you prefer).


Eating healthy is simple once you put some effort into it. Before you begin planning your next meal, consider how to eat healthy in five parts: choose whole foods that meet your body’s nutritional needs, plan a menu that fits within your daily food budget, make sure to eat a small portion of each food you buy, and don’t forget to buy your calories from a trusted source. By following these tips and using a little creativity, you’ll find yourself eating healthy in no time. Remember, if you’re not feeling as good as you did before, chances are you aren’t getting the nutrients your body needs. Use your imagination and enjoy the many benefits of eating healthy.

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