How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Many people are searching for new ways to learn how to eat healthy on a budget. Though eating healthy can often be more costly than purchasing pre-packaged food, there are a lot of ways to trim expenses and still stay on a tight grocery budget. An added advantage to eating healthier is that it will improve your immune system, which will give you more vitality throughout the day and possibly even prevent you from getting sick. Here are some suggestions on how to eat healthy on a budget:


Save money on the grocery bill by shopping the produce and meats that you already buy in small amounts at the store. Meals like chicken and fish often come in large portions, so eating these in small amounts at home allows you to save money on the grocery bill. It is also a good idea to keep any produce that you purchase organic. Organic produce may cost more at the beginning, but it usually costs less over time as it matures and is no longer subject to synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. If you purchase frozen produce, check to see if the produce was handled without chemicals before you seal the package. Even with the higher price of organic produce, many of the super fresh alternatives are just as tasty as the produce that comes from the store.


If you don’t have any fresh produce, it is often possible to buy frozen or canned goods at a lower price than at the store. Canned beans, meat, and vegetables are often found at half the price of fresh. If you want to know how to eat healthier on a budget, it is important to keep cans and packs of foods sealed and in the fridge instead of eating it right away. Storing foods in the fridge allows you to eat those that are less likely to spoil rather than leaving them in your pantry and refrigerator.


When dining out, avoid eating meat that comes from animals that were raised for profit. The cheapest cuts of meat are usually made from chickens, which are relatively inexpensive. Fish is another inexpensive cut of meat, but remember to read the label of any restaurant salsas or wraps you order. Many times the meal will tell you that it is made from “horde” or “big” fish. This means that it is most often made from inferior quality fish and other expensive cuts of meat.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are usually the most affordable meals when eating out. Ask at the table if the dish contains “green vegetables”. If so, choose only a few green vegetables and ask whether they are part of the vegetable group or not. If they are not, ask how many servings of those types of vegetables they contain. Sometimes we just cannot help choosing lower priced fruits and vegetables, but the lower price makes them no better than fruits and vegetables that are more expensive.


Often “organic” is used to describe food grown in soil that has been pesticide free. It is important to purchase this type of produce because it usually means that the farmer has selected the plants best suited to eating in a natural way without the chemicals. Often cheaper fruits and vegetables are labeled “organic” but they are grown with the non-organic technique. The only way to really know whether a produce is organic is to purchase it from a local organic grocery store. In addition, when buying a produce at a grocery store, check the produce and ask to see the Certificate of Analysis (COA).


There is plenty to be said about the importance of chicken. Although beef is also a good source of protein, chicken provides more protein in each serving. Since people tend to eat more chicken than any other kind of food, it is more economical as well. In addition, chicken is considered to be leaner than most other meats, which makes it a great choice for those on a diet. Just like with beef, chicken is better to buy in bulk to help keep costs down.


Of course, the best meal to prepare for your family is likely to be rice. Cheap rice, made at home, can be just as delicious and more economical than store bought. It is possible to make a delicious meal out of just about any kind of vegetable, although it would be nice to experiment with the different vegetables. By making your own rice, you can be sure to be able to adjust the taste to suit your family’s taste.

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