Strength Training: Don’t Let Your Snacks Keep You Fat

  Many people believe that strength training is an effective way to build muscle. This may be true as long as you do it correctly. Unfortunately, many people do strength training incorrectly and actually cause damage to their muscles instead of gaining muscle. If you want to gain muscles quickly, strength training before breakfast is … Read more

Lucid Dreaming – Does it Belong?

Lucid Dreaming – Does it Belong? Lucid dreams are the most powerful and enjoyable type of dreams. Lucid dreams are also the precursor to astral projection. Lucid dreams are often described as “dream jaunts” or “drug trips.” Lucid dreams are more popularly called “mind movies” and “astral projections.” A lucid dream is essentially a kind … Read more

Strength Training For Beginners – Cardio For Your Workout

Strength training, sometimes called resistance strength training, builds stronger, leaner muscles, toughens your joints and bones, and helps increase your metabolic rate. It also reduces your risk of injuries, which makes it great for those recovering from an injury or following a fitness program. Strengthening your muscles is also good for preventing age-related deterioration in … Read more

The Importance of Strength Training Exercises in Rehabilitation Without Medication

Swimming and cycling are great forms of exercise for cardio activity. When someone is released from their rehabilitation, however, it’s important to continue their strength training as well. At this point, the regimen can begin to resemble how it did prior to the injury. The individual should begin a strength training regimen as soon as … Read more

Prenatal Exercise – How Important is It For Women in Pregnancy?

Yes, you certainly can lift weights during pregnancy and even while you recover from childbirth. Isn’t that surprising to you? Why the surprising part is that there are six major reasons to seriously consider lifting weights during pregnancy. Here they are: As already mentioned, lifting during pregnancy increases your ability to maintain your postpartum weight … Read more